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Adidas Gazelle Trainers

adidas Gazelle: The cult sneaker from the 90s as a popular multi-purpose shoe

The sporty multi-purpose shoe Gazelle by adidas is your all-time favourite, a classic of the 80s and 90s that has made it up to the present day and is still popular. The Gazelle is probably one of the most famous models from adidas. An adidas sneaker that goes with every look and is known for its good fit. The first adidas Gazelle from Herzogenaurach appeared in the Swinging Sixties: this cult sneaker has been on the market since 1968. Back then in the colours wine red and blue. Several decades later, the model is available in dozens of colours, for example salmon pink or mint. Its simple silhouette is fashionable and absolutely timeless. adidas now offers the model in 16 different designs, each made of high-quality materials. You can find bright colours such as red, pink or turquoise as well as restrained grey, beige, white or black. Former top model and style icon Kate Moss has also been seen in the Gazelle: Moss was photographed in her wine-red Gazelle sneakers in 1993 by photographer Denzil McNeelance for a shoot. Britpop icons like Oasis were also intrigued by these shoes.

The high-quality low-top sneaker made of suede

The high-quality materials, the low-cut cut and the typical adidas design with the three stripes make the Gazelle the ultimate sneaker for the whole family. Thanks to the optimal fit, the classic is ideal for long wear. The sneaker is made of suede and is now being re-launched by adidas as the model OG (OG means original) in the colours clear pink or core black. The Gazelle stood out in the 1960s because most of the shoes at the time were made of leather rather than suede. The advantage of suede is that it is lighter and more supple and still offers good protection for the foot. Unlike the white adidas sneakers like "Stan Smith" or "Superstar", the Gazelle comes exclusively in non-white colours with white stripes: black, grey, neon colours and sorbet colours.

The Gazelle as a modern running shoe in the running style of the 90s

The classic Gazelle has nevertheless arrived in today's times with new versions and satisfies with a new design and innovative technology that meet modern demands. The Equipment Gazelle, for example, is inspired by the running style of the 90s. It has an upper made of soft leather and comes in a trendy mix of archive look and modern details. Overlays give it an interesting structure that are reminiscent of designs from the 90s and early 2000s.

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