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NIKE Air Max 1 Trainers

NIKE Air Max 1 – back to the beginnings with the Visible Air concept

This model marks the birth of the legendary Air Max series and is still considered the most popular in the entire sneaker universe of the US sports giant NIKE. The classic convinces with a lot of comfort and style, but most of all with the legendary Air technology. This innovative cushioning system consisting of cushions filled with an inert gas mixture in the sole was first introduced in 1987 with the NIKE Air Max 1 and was considered a sensation. The shoe with the visible air unit in the outsole revolutionised sneaker culture – everyone wanted it. In combination with the unique design in countless colours, the progressive sports shoe met the taste of countless sneaker fans and started its unstoppable triumphal march across the globe. Ladies, men and children are thrilled by the comfort and excellent running feeling thanks to the integrated impact protection. Even on long distances your feet never get tired – you run light-footed almost like on clouds to any destination. Today the Air Max 1 from NIKE presents itself hardly changed in its cool retro charm, but does benefit from some technological updates.

A real legend and trendy as never before – the NIKE Air Max 1

After its release, today's cult shoe was first used in sports – especially runners were enthusiastic about the increase in performance, which was immediately apparent. It didn't take long until the hip sneaker reached the world of musicians, stars and starlets and from here it wasn't far away that every fashion fan made a statement with this incomparable shoe. The unique aesthetics paired with the striking air cushion in the sole at the heel was something completely new. You choose your favourite model from a huge range of different materials, colours and special editions. Whether in finest smooth or suede leather, in a metallic look or even with original flower prints – the assortment leaves nothing to be desired. The NIKE Sneaker has a real talent for combination and is the epitome of a stylish all-rounder. It goes casually with jeans and long-sleeved shirts as well as with leggings and a tunic or elegantly with a suit.

The fashionable trend shoe with high functionality – NIKE Air Max 1

In addition to the visible air cushion in the outsole, an EVA foam midsole provides even more cushioning. EVA is a synthetic material similar to rubber and has similar properties to the natural product: it is lightweight, highly heat-resistant and robust and durable even in cold temperatures. The collar of the Air Max 1 presents itself at your ankles in a low design and guarantees a comfortable wearing comfort due to its soft padding. The profiled rubber sole provides good traction on all surfaces and supports you in all your movements. On the side of the shoe you can't miss the swoosh, the legendary NIKE logo. Not only ladies and gentlemen are enthusiastic about this sneaker, children love it too. The Air Max 1 from NIKE is perfect for learning to walk thanks to its Max Air padding, which allows the foot to roll smoothly.