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NIKE Air Max 270 Trainers

NIKE Air Max 270: unbeatably comfortable, unbeatably cool

With the NIKE Air Max 270 you enter a new dimension of comfort: Thanks to the combination of Air Pad and EVA midsole, the sneaker offers you highly effective cushioning and thus an inimitable, wonderfully soft running feeling. This member of the Air Max family was not designed as a sports shoe, but as a trendy everyday shoe with which you can give your street style a fashionable upgrade. The Air Max 270 by NIKE comes in a variety of cool colour combinations from subtly-urban to bright and poppy – it becomes an eye-catcher by way of the combination of a sporty, dynamic silhouette and a decidedly chunky sole design. The highlight of the cult sneaker is of course the visible air bubble in the heel area. Incidentally, the number 270 in the name does not refer to the year in which the Air Max 270 was presented to the public (release date was 2 February 2018), but to the number of degrees with which the extremely large Air-element cushions the wearer's heel, and gives a clear indication of the great comfort you enjoy with the NIKE Air Max 270.

The Air Max 270 by NIKE scores with the largest Air Pad to date

The most striking feature of the NIKE Air Max 270 is, in addition to the fantastic wearing comfort, the retro-inspired and futuristic design of this trendy sneaker. It is created on the one hand by the mix of different materials such as mesh and plastic, on the other hand by the contrast between the sleek shoe silhouette and the almost too bulky sole. This is dominated by the more than three centimetres high Air Pad, which provides excellent shock absorption in the heel area. A functional dual-density foam sole provides additional cushioning and, with the profiled rubber exterior, ensures good grip, especially on asphalt – and that makes the Air Max 270 by NIKE the ideal footwear for the urban lifestyle.

Eye-catcher: The Edition 270 by NIKE Air Max

Looking for a lifestyle sneaker with the features of a performance shoe? Voilà: As NIKE Air Max 270 React, the successful model has, in addition to the Air Pad, a particularly reactive, light and flexible React Foam midsole. Another variant is the NIKE Air Max Flyknit, which consists of a particularly cuddly Flyknit and thus promises a perfect fit and high breathability. In addition to being comfortable to wear, every NIKE Air Max 270 offers you an extra portion of style – with this shoe on your feet you will simply stand out. And of course the designers have come up with lots of different colourations and colour combinations so that you can match the NIKE 270 perfectly to your outfit. For a clean look, opt for a plain-coloured or tone-in-tone model with the upper and sole in the same or similar colours. If you want something a little more colourful, an Air Max 270 from NIKE with contrasting details is a good choice. Or you can decide on very vibrant shoes: Multicolour versions are particularly numerous with many members of the Air Max family. If you choose a NIKE Air Max 270 with metallic effects, your street style gets a touch of glamour without losing its sporty appeal.

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