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NIKE Air Max 95 Trainers

NIKE Air Max 95: An icon celebrates its anniversary

With the NIKE Air Max 95 one of the most influential sneaker models of the 1990s celebrates its 25th anniversary. Originally designed as a running shoe, this NIKE Air Max, first launched in 1995, has won a worldwide fan base that includes not only athletes, but also hip-hop musicians, artists and lots of sneaker enthusiasts of all ages. It was created by the designer Lozano, who was inspired by the human body for the NIKE Air Max 95: The midsole represents the spine, textured inserts symbolise the muscles and the loops of the laces represent the ribs. However, the unique appearance of the NIKE Air Max 95 would not be complete without the clearly visible Air elements in the heel and forefoot area – they give it the slightly clunky look and above all provide excellent shock absorption.

NIKE Air Max 95: pioneering style, great comfort

The NIKE Air Max 95 owes both its name and its characteristic appearance to these distinctive air cushions in the sole. At the same time it continues the great NIKE Air tradition, which made the air cushion technology, originally coming from the aerospace industry, famous as highly effective cushioning. And what is an advantage in running shoes can only be of benefit to a sneaker like the Air Max 95 by NIKE worn in everyday life: Even on hard asphalt you enjoy a springy running feeling and great comfort. In addition, the representatives of the NIKE Air Max 95 family offer a pleasant wearing climate through the use of breathable materials such as textile and mesh, as these accelerate and improve the exchange of air.

The Air Max 95 from NIKE makes your street style perfect

The fact that the '95 edition of the NIKE Air Max has achieved such cult status is not only due to its phenomenal wearing qualities. It is simply unmistakable – and not least because of this it is absolutely hip in the course of the Chunky Sneaker trend. In addition, the NIKE Air Max 95 comes in a wide range of colours, materials and features. The assortment ranges from the comparatively simple unisex model in timeless white to ladies' sneakers decorated with metal chains, to the colourful Special Edition dedicated to the South Korean national team and the noble NIKE Air Max 95 Premium Collection, which comes up with sophisticated prints and strong colour contrasts. If you are looking for a very individual style, you can even have your NIKE Air Max 95 personalised.

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