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Tracksuit pants for women515

The comfort of sweatpants

When it's your day off, and relaxation is a priority, what do you reach for? Sweatpants! These are a favourite in every woman's wardrobe for a reason. Slouchy, comfy, and easy to wear, tracksuit trousers are the perfect choice when you're having a bad day. Some sweats are designed to be worn to the gym or the track, while others are simply made for lounging around. The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at the material; the best tracksuit trousers for sports will usually be made from technical fabrics, so they'll wick away sweat and leave you cool and dry while you work out. Sweats for sofa days often have a fleecy interior. Put them on, and you'll feel like your legs have been wrapped up in a big hug!

Sweatpants for women on casual days

You may wear your sweatpants while indulging in a marathon of your favourite series or chilling on the sofa - but what about outside? There's nothing wrong with wearing tracksuit trousers out of the house, but take a little care when styling them to avoid the gym look. A good way to do this is by pairing them with clothes that are definitely not sporty. Rather than reaching for your running shoes, put on a pair of chunky, fashionable trainers. If your sweats fit you loosely, go for a close-fitting top to create an enticing contrast. Those who dare could even try a cropped top. A denim jacket is a perfect way to finish the look.

How to dress up your favourite sweats

Some fashionable sweatpants are designed to be seen - so don't leave them at the back of your weekend wardrobe! If you're looking for tracksuit trousers to wear out and about, you'll want to seek out specific, cool details. Ribbed cuffs at the hems will give your sweats a vintage charm; the deeper the ribbing, the more retro. If that's not the look that you want to go for, try a wide-legged pair of sweats. These should be slightly fitted at the hip, before falling loosely; there's no way anyone would mistake them for sportswear! If you enjoy the sporty look, though, you can make it a little more glamorous with a pair of cropped sweats - or, if you don't have any, just roll your trouser legs up. Wear them with statement trainers for instant cool.