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NIKE Air Trainers

NIKE Air: running on air

Sports shoes without NIKE Air? Hardly imaginable! For decades the NIKE technology as well as the unique designs of running shoes and sneakers equipped with this system have been an integral part of our sportswear world. Countless athletes have been helped to success by the continuously developed and improved NIKE Air cushion. Most of us know and love this feeling of actually running in shoes with NIKE Air as if on air – it's not for nothing that a prominent advertising slogan goes "Kiss my Airs!". The technology of the Air-Pad by NIKE is as simple as it is ingenious: It is a chamber filled with compressed air that is both robust and stretchable and is incorporated into the shoe as a cushioning element. When your foot touches the ground, NIKE Air cushions the impact and absorbs the energy of the impact. Your musculoskeletal system is thus effectively protected. As the cushion is filled with air, it has a very low weight and does not burden you while running – this is beneficial for your speed and endurance.

Air from NIKE: a revolutionary damping technology

Did you know that the first shoe with NIKE Air was not at all under this name? Already in 1978 NIKE supplied the runners of the Honolulu Marathon with a running shoe with Air-sole – the product was called "Tailwind". On 26 March 1987 the NIKE Air Max 1 was presented to the public – and caused a wave of enthusiasm among athletes as well as sneaker-heads. Countless editions later, the NIKE Air Max has become a living legend with its creative colour designs and fantastic comfort – a characteristic of this Air by NIKE is the prominent and visible air cushion placed in the sole. The technology behind it was developed by aerospace engineer Marion Franklin Rudy and the design of the Air Max by NIKE was done by architect Tinker Hatfield. The further development is demonstrated in the collection of the NIKE Air Vapormax, in which Air elements are distributed over the entire sole. Nice to know: The latest edition of the Air Vapormax by NIKE uses recycled materials and makes this model the perfect synthesis of style, comfort and sustainability.

NIKE Air: innovative running shoes and stylish sneakers

Tinker Hatfield also designed the legendary Air Jordan, the classic basketball shoe of the 1980s that became the flagship of the Michael Jordan collection at NIKE. Typical for the NIKE Air Jordan – which has also been delighting fans in many different releases, re-releases and updates – are the Air-Sole element in the heel and the distinctive label details paying tribute to the NBA star. Available in both sports and casual styles, NIKE's Jordan Air is available in high, mid and low cut versions and comes with a huge selection of matching sportswear. With the NIKE Air Force the US-American company initiated another successful Air collection in a basketball look. The sneaker, named after the US President's plane, was first launched in 1982 and is more popular than ever today in new releases with the cool retro look of the glorious eighties – legends live longer! The Air Force by NIKE also features a discreetly packed Air-Element for excellent shock absorption and an inimitably light feel. The NIKE Air Zoom, on the other hand, convinces as a high-performance running shoe that combines Air technology with NIKE Zoom, extremely responsive cushioning and offers the runner a particularly high energy return: Air Zoom from NIKE puts you in the fast lane. Other famous members of the NIKE Air family are the NIKE Air Vortex, an everyday sneaker that is also suitable for jogging in a deliberately simple and slim silhouette, and the NIKE Air Monarch, a functional training and fitness shoe that not only features a continuous, effectively cushioning Air-Sole but also a high-traction solid rubber outsole that allows you to do your workout on different surfaces. Whether you are looking for NIKE Air shoes for training or leisure, you can rely on phenomenal comfort and a distinctive style in all models!