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NIKE Free: shoes for the ultimate barefoot walking experience

You have always dreamed of a shoe in which you can experience the feeling of walking barefoot, all while your foot is protected from environmental influences? Then the models from NIKE Free are worth a test run: they were developed with the explicit aim of giving the wearer as natural and free a running feeling as possible. For this purpose, the product designers at NIKE rely on a particularly thin and flexible sole, which is also ergonomically shaped. Laser-engraved flex notches give it enormous flexibility. In this way, the NIKE Free supports the natural movement of the foot, which in turn helps strengthen the muscles. In addition, the upper and inner material are also made of extremely light materials: NIKE Free models have a very low weight – you can hardly feel this barefoot shoe.

Free from NIKE – enjoy maximum freedom and an ergonomic design

The new freedom in running began with the presentation of the first NIKE Free 2004. Both the design of the sole and the cut adapted to the anatomy of the foot have been revised and improved several times over the years. The same applies to the choice of materials, where the label has benefited from the development of new technical fabrics. However, natural products such as soft and supple suede also proved suitable for the NIKE Free collection. The main focus was and still is on materials that are as soft as possible and highly breathable, which, in the best case, you won't even notice. Thus, the NIKE Free running range currently includes two ultra-light and ultra-comfortable running shoes for men and women: NIKE Free 5.0 and NIKE Free Flyknit 3.0, both of which score points for their close-to-the-ground feel and fantastic comfort.

NIKE Free – Running shoes with a natural running feeling

Both versions are light, comfortable and ergonomic – but there are still some differences between NIKE Free Flyknit 3.0 and NIKE Free 5.0. The number indicates the texture of the sole: the lower it is, the more barefoot-like the walking feeling is. As the NIKE Free Flyknit also comes without laces and its upper is made of elastic knit, it is the best choice for those who want a natural walking experience. In contrast, the NIKE Free 5.0 has a slightly thicker padding, which provides additional cushioning. Boot design variants offer additional support and a lot of stability. If you are planning to run on a rainy day, NIKE Free trainers with water-repellent finish will serve you well – you can recognise these variants by the addition of "Shield" in the product name.

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